Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly Cup Of Joe

I prefer to think of this as more of a tribute to Fire Joe Morgan than a blatant ripoff. But who are we really kidding here?

Tuesday means there's a new Joe chat at the Four Letter. Let's grab us a nugget of wisdom...

Matt (NM)

Joe, you and Orel talked about "quality strikes" on Sunday. What's a quality strike?

Joe Morgan (11:13 AM)

That's a great question. I feel badly if we didn't explain it properly. I take pride in explaining myself on the air. There are three parts to the plate, outside corner, inside corner and middle. You want to stay out of the middle. Most hitters can handle the ball on the middle of the plate. Some players have trouble with the inside corner or outside corner. A quality strike is one that stays low and is middle in or middle out. Just stay out of the middle of the plate. Good question.
Okay, just to recap... Three parts of the plate; outside corner, inside corner and middle. Gotcha. Stay out of the middle. Good, fine. Stay middle in or middle out, just not middle. Of course, wait, what? Is middle in part of the middle or inside corner or left side right? Are there now five parts to the plate? How many parts of the plate does Vlad Guerrero have? Because I've seen him hit one out that was upside topsy-turvy.

All I think I learned is don't throw it straight down the middle of the plate. That's not a quality strike. You know, unless it's a strike.

Thank god they put Rob Neyer on directly after Joe. It helps stop my brain from melting.

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