Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stephen Strasburg: Walk Machine

Welcome to my overreaction-mobile. Make sure you buckle your seat belt, things are going to get bumpy. After Strasburg's sensational debut, I expected nothing less than another double digit, no walk performance. The kid let me down and I'm no longer sure I'd vote him into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Strasburg was slightly less impressive today than he was in his first start when he threw 94 pitches, 65 for strikes, while striking out 14 and walking none. In Strasburg's debut, he allowed four hits and two earned on a two run home run over seven innings.

Strasburg got the win today to improve to 2-0 but he only managed to go five and a third while throwing 95 pitches and only 52 for strikes. He struck out 8 which is where Bodog set the over/under. He allowed one run on a solo shot by Travis Hafner. But he walked five! Five! 5! Total chaos. Cats and dogs living together. Is he not the Messiah after all? Can he not turn my Gatorade into booze? For Strasburg's first start, I broke down each strikeout. Today, we'll take a look at each walk.

Bottom 4th:

Strasburg walked Carlos Santana on six pitches. He led off with two balls (hehe) before inducing two swinging strikes and then losing Santana on the next two pitches. No word if the ball from his first walk was sent to Cooperstown.

Strasburg walked Travis Hafner on six pitches. He's addicted.

Bottom 5th:
Strasburg walked someone named Anderson Hernandez on five pitches. Anderson was the lucky winner in Section 546 Seat 19 and got to play third base today. Congrats, Anderson.

Bottom 6th:
Strasburg walked Hafner on five pitches.

Strasburg walked Austin Kearns on five pitches. That would be the end of the day for K-Stras™. Drew Storen would relieve him and preserve the lead. For those scoring at home, that's the 10th pick relieving the 1st pick from last year's draft.

Let's all hope Strasburg can rebound from this win and get back to being the greatest pithcer in the history of everything. Godspeed young Jedi.

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