Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crazy Guy Goes Crazy Again

It must be at any given point during the calendar year because Cubs' pitcher Carlos Zambrano went nuts in the dugout again. After giving up four runs in the first inning Friday against the Whitesox, manager Lou Pinella pulled Zambrano. That's what you do when a terrible pitcher (1.69 WHIP, 5.66 ERA in 55 2/3 innings) pitches terribly-you ask him to please leave and as Norm Dale said to George at the Huskers' first practice, "leave the ball, willya George?"

Zambrano is George.

Anyway, Zambrano lost his mind and started screaming at his teammates and the rooster that lives in his ear for not lunging in front of his pitches before they could reach the batter's box and Alex Rios could hit an RBI-double and Carlos Quentin could launch a three-run home run. Zambrano went after Derek Lee, specifically and the two began shouting at each other.

Here's the video. Unfortunately, it includes two "he gones" by Ken Harrelson. I apologize.

The Cubs are fed up with Zambrano and they will absolutely not let this kind of behaivor happen a 9th time. No sir. Zambrano has been suspended indefinitely with no word on when he'll return. Chicago doesn't have many options. They can't cut him, or they'll be paying $18,875,000 to some loony who isn't even pitching for them. They can't trade him because no one wants a mentally unstable pitcher who stinks and is owed $18,875,000. They can't murder him because that's illegal. Meanwhile, the team has to play with 24 players on their roster, but with the looks of that club, it doesn't really make any difference.

Just another wonderful summer at Wrigley, isn't it?

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  1. Murder, eh? I'd have to look over the contract but you might be on to something. Illegal, sure? The money he makes should be illegal. I don't think any jury would convict Sweet Lou.