Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bud Selig And Instant Replay Saga

Bud Selig has been battling instant replay for years. It might be what eventually kills him. Unless he is immortal. I have a theory. Anyway, this past week hasn't been an especially good one for Bud when it come to the instant replay in baseball argument. He's still feeling the backlash from Jim Joyce's blown call during Armando Galarraga's non-perfect game. After the game, Baseball Bud said he would look into expanding instant replay in baseball.

Guess what? It ain't happening anytime soon. Baseball won't rush to expand replay past disputable home run calls. Bud Selig, after making an ass of himself announcing the first round, had this to say about instant replay...
"It is interesting," Selig said. "Most baseball people are really against instant replay. There's no question about that. I could sense that the last three days [in talking to people].

"In the end, good or bad, I will do what I think is right. I'm going to take the responsibility for it. I've been at this the last 45 years of my life, and the last 18 [as commissioner], so I'll trust my own judgment."
Selig is going to do what he thinks is right. But in the meantime, he wants to hear what everybody else thinks. Most baseball people that have a voice though TV or print seem to be in favor of some type of expanded replay. Just not the people Bud has been talking to. Who are these people? Selig has a 14-member special committee. I'm convinced it's made up of various members of the Legion of Doom and any living members of the Warren Commission.

Selig also chimed in with this little nugget...
"I can remember as a kid in the 50s, listening to complaints about umpiring: 'God, it's awful. It's terrible. What are they gonna do?' " Selig said. "Here we are 60 years later and we seem to be doing OK."
Aren't we talking about all of this because it isn't OK? Am I missing something here? And how old are you, Bud?

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  1. Reading this post, I just realized Bud Selig has been the commisioner of Major League Baseball for 18 years.

    - Drinks dishwashing detergent, begins crying