Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Tuesday

I'm all drafted out. The first round was fun and had some surprises. I'm looking at you, Chicago Cubs. The second round was the landing spot for most of the first round fallers. But when I realized I was listening to the eighth round, it was time to reassess what I was doing with my day. So I took a nap. What? I needed to be well rested for tonight's debuts.

Tonight we get the debuts of the top two prospects in the minors. I can't remember the last time that happened and quite frankly, it seems like a lot of work to find out. I've briefly mentioned that Stephen Strasburg and Mike Stanton were on their way to the bigs. Well, tonight is the night. Let's take a look.

Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg makes his debut against the Pirates tonight in perhaps the most hyped game the Pirates have been a part of in over a decade. When the Nationals selected Starsburg first overall last year, he immediately became their best pitcher. They sent him to the minors to keep his arbitration clock in check but he had nothing to prove there. Between AA and AAA, he went 7-2 with 1.30 ERA and 65 strikeouts against 13 walks. The game will be on the MLB Network and if Strasburg doesn't no-hit the Pirates, riots might break out in D.C. Alternate possibility, Strasburg ho-hits the Pirates and riots break out in D.C.

Mike Stanton. The 6'5, 230 pound power hitter has tore up the minor leagues, but this year he's been downright ridiculous. At 20-years-old in AA, Stanton hit 21 home runs and .311/.441/.726. That .441 OBP suggests he's not merely a one-trick pony. The 53 strikeouts in 52 games isn't great. For him. For me, I smell golden sombreros. Smells like queso. Stanton faces Kyle Kendrick and the Phillies tonight. Certainly, a couple of big flies aren't out of the question.

I'll be watching all of the action. Feel free to join me on Twitter. You never know when I might think of a Strasburg drinking game for us to play.

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