Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Curveballs For Jobu

Curveballs for Jobu is Off Base Percentage's daily trip around the ballparks.

Today's honorary bat boy: Pete O'Brien

Giants 10, Orioles 2. I hope this isn't becoming an every morning thing, but I'm about to make another apology. Yesterday it was Troy Glaus, today it's Pat Burrell. Mr. Burrell: I'm terribly sorry, sir. I didn't mean to assume you had passed on to the Slowpitch Softball Field in the Sky. It wasn't intentional-me thinking you had hung up your spikes and that glove with the big hole in it. Apparently, you're on the Giants, you hit a home run Monday, and last Friday you also hit a home run and you're 11-for-27 (.407) in 10 games with San Francisco. Please accept my apologies.

Bluejays 6, Padres 3. David Eckstein is so whiteguygritty that he starts earthquakes. That's the report out of San Diego as a minor quake shook Petco Park for a few seconds, right after Eckstein intangibled a ground out to shortstop. Toronto won, despite the fact that Dewayne Wise, career .255 on-base percentage, batted lead off.

Cardinals 9, Mariners 3. Luke French replaced Ian Snell in the Seattle rotation and gave up six hits and four earned runs in four innings. I guess Snell replaced French in the bullpen, because Snell relieved French and allowed four earned runs in two innings. Seattle Mariners Fever: Catch It!!

Brewers 12, Angels 2. It's 3:01 a.m. and I have had the hicupps for the last 15 minutes, so we're going to make this quick. Ryan Braun grand slam, Randy Wolf seven innings of three-run ball, Brewers win.

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