Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shot Of The Night

Shot Of The Night is Off Base Percentage's toast to a player who had an exceptionally good or bad night. There's always a reason to drink.

Tonight's shot of the night is a Three Wise Men: Johnnie Walker® Scotch whisky
Jim Beam® bourbon whiskey
Jack Daniel's® Tennessee whiskey. And it's it's in honor of Denard Span.

Denard Span hit three triples for the first time since Furcal did it in 2002. Three triples just sounds insane to me. I think Deion Sanders did that when he was a Falcon, does that count?

*wakes up, finds laptop upside down on the floor*

Okay, apparently I celebrate triples a little harder than most people. Those Wise Men really kick some ass. Where was I? Span, triples, booze, let's go to the honorable mention...

Honorable Mention: Joe Blanton
Blanton filled his box score with threes going 0-3 with 3 strikeouts and allowed 3 runs. I'd like to give a h/t to Meatball for helping me find Blanton for the honorable mention when I stopped being able to comprehend letters and numbers last night.

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