Saturday, June 19, 2010

He's Coming... Dayan Viciedo Edition

I really need to decide on some criteria around here. But until I do you'll just be subject to the whims of which upcoming prospect I'd like to feature. Unfortunately, for some reason, I missed previewing Indians' catcher Carlos Santana and all he's done is hit .333/.467/.625 in his first 30 plate appearances. He was also Baseball America's number 10 prospect coming into this year. For that, I apologize. So, I'm going to make it up by previewing a guy who actually fell out of Baseball America's Top 100 prospect list in 2010. See, no criteria whatsoever*.

The 21-year-old Dayan Viciedo is scheduled to play third base for the White Sox today. Although it's doubtful he'll remain at third with his 5'11, 240 pound frame. That makes him 5-years younger and just 30 pounds lighter than Prince Fielder. I don't like Dayan's chances especially with McDonald's new Big Mac topped with a 9 piece McNugget (I plan on getting credit for the McFatty™). In 2008, the Cuban defected on a boat to Mexico and then crossed over to, wait for it, Miami. He signed a four-year, $10 million deal with the White Sox. He was BA's #61 prospect in 2009 but after an unimpressive rookie season at AA, he fell out of BA's Top 100 this year. In Triple A this year, he has 14 home runs and is hitting .290/.329/.525. He will join fellow countryman, short stop Alexei Ramirez in the Cubanest infield in the bigs. Look, I made it that whole post without making a rafting or pork sandwich joke! *blows vuvuzela*

*I think the eventual criteria for this feature will be prospects inside Baseball America's Top 50 for the season or if I'm bored or if it's someone I'm particularly excited about. Hmm, still sounds like there's no criteria.

UPDATE: Viciedo is not in the starting lineup for Saturday's White Sox game.

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