Monday, June 7, 2010

Second Half Of The First Round: Stetson Allie Edition

Alright, we had some surprises in the first half of the first round. And what happened to Stetson Allie? Did his arm fall off at 5 pm? We'll get to that later, I promise.

26. Kyle Parker, Rockies, OF
Jim Callis called this one too. Parker has a good bat and was a nice pick here.

27. Jesse Biddle, Phillies, LHP

28. Zach Lee, Dodgers, RHP
This is an interesting pick. The Dodgers can't really afford to spend much money with the franchise held up in Divorce Court. Lee is a near-impossible sign because he's committed to LSU to play baseball and quarterback for the Tigers. This could be a potential throwaway pick since they'll get 28A if they can't sign him and next year's draft class is much stronger.

29. Cam Bedrosian, Angels, RHP
Perhaps the closer of the future for the Angels and that can't come soon enough with Brian Fuentes and Fernando Rodney in tow.

30. Chevez Clarke, Angels, OF
Okay, we get it. Georgia is good at producing baseball players. This is where I can't figure out why the Angels didn't draft Stetson Allie. He has all of the potential as Tallion. The Angels have been all over him too. So what happened?

31. Justin O'Conner, Rays, C
The Rays finally draft a quality catcher in the first round after fumbling the Posey pick a couple of years ago.

32. Cito Culver, Yankees, SS
Local kid, way outside the top 100. But I'm sure, New York, he is the heir apparent to Capt'n Jetes.

Five Minute Break

Comp Round A (not as delicious sounding as sandwich round)

33. Michael Kvasnicka, Astros, C
Yeah, you try pronouncing that.

34. Aaron Sanchez, Blue Jays, RHP

35. Matthew Lipka, Braves, SS
Peter Gammons was happy with this pick, but, um, he's been happy with every pick.

36. Bryce Brentz, Red Sox, OF
Looks like the Sox get a steal here. Nothing really new with that. They aren't afraid of MLB's recommended slotting.

37. Taylor Lindsey, Angels, SS
Stetson Allie

38. Noah Syndergaard, Blue Jays, RHP

39. Anthony Ranaudo, Red Sox, RHP
This makes me sad. I love LSU and I hate the Red Sox. Damn you, Theo.

40. Ryan Bolden, Angels, OF
Stetson Allie

41. Asher Wojciechowski, Blue Jays, RHP
Good value and can't pronounce his name either.

42. Drew Vettleson, Rays, RHP
Linked to the Yankees, so he must be the next Rivera or Clemens, right?

43. Taijuan Walker, Mariners, No position listed

44. Nick Castellanos, Tigers, 3B
Tigers make the most of their first pick and have the cash to sign him.

45. Luke Jackson, Rangers, RHP

46. Seth Blair, Cardinals, RHP

47. Peter Tago, Rockies, RHP
Again, I'm amazed the Angels passed up on a SoCal prep arm in the first round. I didn't know that was legal.

48. Chase Ruffin, Tigers, RHP

49. Mike Olt, Rangers, 3B

50. Tyrell Jenkins, Cardinals, RHP

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