Monday, June 14, 2010

PETA Suggests Robotic Fish For Marlins Stadium

Those wacky kids over at PETA are at it again. It's actually been a while since PETA has wondered in to the sports world to complain about something ridiculous. That all changed when the Marlins announced some of the plans for their new stadium. The Marlins plan on building two aquariums out of bullet proof glass and placing them in the backstop. Then they're planning on, you better sit down, putting fish in the aquarium! Egads, man! Real, live fish in an aquarium? Surely there's a better way, right PETA?
But PETA said the Marlins should explore alternatives, such as ``artist-designed aquariums full of beautiful blown-glass animals,'' ``high-definition plasma screens showing underwater footage of sea animals,'' and even ``robotic fish that can `swim' through water.''
Robotic fish, huh? I think PETA is trying to corner the robotic animal market. They suggested UGA switch to a robot bulldog after Uga VII passed away. I can't help but envision a giant PETA robot animal factory just cranking them out until the inevitable robot animal uprising of 2016. It's not going to be pretty, folks. The closest I come to liking robot animals is when cats are riding vacuum cleaners. Does that count?

Just like every other time PETA tries to intervene in the world of sports, it will blow over and the Marlins will put live fish in their backstop aquariums. I wish PETA would focus on the important issues like what mystery animal goes into Lucky Dogs at the those carts in the French Quarter.

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