Monday, June 7, 2010

Half Way Through The First Round...

There was no surprise in the first three picks.

1. Bryce Harper, Nats, outfielder

2. James Tallion, Pirates, RHP

3. Manny Machado, Orioles, SS
I'd like to formally dub him Manny "Macho Man" Machado. Sure, I like alliteration. What's it to you?

4. Christian Colon, Royals, SS
The first surprise of the draft was, surprise, Kansas City. Although, Keith Law called this pretty early today.

5. Drew Pomeranz, Indians, LHP

6. Barrett Loux, DBacks, RHP
Another bit of a surprise but Keith Law and Jim Callis had it.

7. Matt Harvey, Mets, RHP
The Angels drafted him out of high school but wouldn't pony up the proverbial fat cash, jerks.

8. Delino Deshields, Astros, 1987
8. Delino DeShields Jr, Astros, CF
Astros reach here because they didn't think he'd be there at 19. Doesn't make it right though.

9. Karsten Whitson, Padres, RHP
Keith Law loves this guy. Sometimes my analysis skills even blow my mind.

10. Michael Choice, Oakland, OF

11. Deck McGuire, Blue Jays, RHP
One of my favorite names in the draft. Next to Tanner Fudge, of course.

12. Yasmani Grandal, Reds, C

13. Chris Sale, White Sox, LHP
Sale slid out of the top five to the Sox here. Great value.

14. Dylan Covey, Brewers, RHP
The Angels war room is in disbelief. They didn't know other teams were allowed to draft Southern California high school kids.

15. Jake Skole, Rangers, OF

16. Hayden Simpson, Cubs, RHP
Barely cracked Baseball America's top 200. My first reaction, "Who's running the Cubs now, Will Farrell's Harry Caray?"

17. Josh Sale, Rays, OF

18. Kaleb Cowart, Angels, 3B/P
I guess the Angels are willing to spend. Signability is an issue and Cowart wants to be a third baseman even though he projects better as a pitcher.

19. Mike Foltynewicz, Astros, RHP

20. Kolbrin Vitek, Red Sox, 2B

21. Alex Wimmers, Twins, RHP
The last two picks seemed like locks at the beginning of the day.

22. Kellin Deglan, Rangers, C
Remember when the Rangers had TOO many catching prospects?

23. Christian Yelich, Marlins, OF

24. Gary Brown, Giants, CF

25. Zack Cox, Cardinals, 3B
The Cardinals get the steal of the night saving Cox from his Jimmy Clausen-esque free fall. Cox was a projected top ten pick.

Okay, 25 more picks to go including the sandwich round. Mmmm, sandwiches...

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