Monday, June 21, 2010

Curveballs for Jobu

Curveballs for Jobu is Off Base Percentage's daily trip around the ballparks.

Today's honorary bat boy: Bill Doran

Whitesox 6, Nationals 3. Lost in the Strasburg mania this weekend was the realization that Washington is managed by Jim Riggleman and therefore stinks. That's six consecutive Rigglemans and eight Rigglemans out of nine for the Nats. Chicago got seven innings of three-run ball from Freddy Garcia, and with John Danks and Jake Peavy and Mark Buehrle looking better with each start, the Palehose are legitimate contenders in the Central. Unless of course Ozzie Guillen keeps playing Smart Ball, then Chicago is screwed.

Twins 4, Phillies 1. Blog enemy Carl Pavano pitched 45 2/3 innings in his two seasons with the Yankees. Sunday for Minnesota he pitched nine, nearly 20% of his total innings in two full seasons in New York. If I ever see Carl Pavano in person, I will lob a sock full of mustard at him and laugh from a secure location.

Mariners 1, Reds 0. Ryan Rowland-Smith pitched six shutout innings for his first win of the season, but the real story continues to be Arthur Rhodes. Forget small sample sizes, Rhodes is 40 and in 30 2/3 innings has allowed one earned run and 25 base runners (0.29 ERA, 0.81 WHIP). He also pitched in three different post-seasons on teams that were eliminated by the Yankees. That made me feel better after the Pavano stuff.

Rangers 5, Astros 4. Are families in the state of Texas divided over the Texas-Houston baseball rivalry? Has interleague play lost the luster it never really had in the first place? Will the Astros win 55 games? If Texas wins the AL West and no one cares, did it really happen? For more of Questions No One Is Asking, tune in to Jobu June 26 for our next Astros-Rangers recap.

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