Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He's Coming...

Did I mention I love prospects? I do. They're exciting. They're the new hot girl in school. Everybody is talking about her. Everybody wants one just like her. But for every Stephen Strasburg there's a Laura Newberry. Amirite? At least two people will enjoy that. Anyhoo, I covered Strasburg (in great detail later) and Mike Stanton. So who's next?

Word has it, Pirates' top prospect, Pedro Alvarez, might be called up as soon as tomorrow. The third base slugger was the second overall pick in 2008 and hit 40 home runs and .286/.374/.537 over his two minor league seasons. He has 196 strikeouts against 102 walks so, you know, that's not great. For him. For me, it means I might get to hand out a Golden Sombrero or two.

The big loser in all of this is Andy LaRoche. LaRoche has been playing third for the Pirates since being acquired from the Dodgers in the Manny Ramirez trade. LaRoche was once a highly touted prospect ala Brandon Wood. *sigh* Andy looks to be headed to a super utility role until he eventually lands on another team. I hate when prospects flame out. I'm looking at you, Laura.

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