Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally Someone Embraces The Vuvuzela

Are you sick of that buzzing sound and all of the vuvuzela jokes on the Web? You are? Huh. Oh well, I'm not so here's another story. The Florida Marlins will hand out 15,000 vuvuzela-like horns for Saturday's game against the Rays. If anyone can get one of these for me, I'm willing to pay close to the cost of shipping. I fell in love with the annoying plastic horn what seems like just last week [Ed. - it was last week]. I applaud the Marlins for their decision to annoy the dozens that will be in attendance and eight watching at home.
The Marlins say this promotion has been in the works for months, thinking it will be a hit in soccer-mad South Florida.

Not every other sports venue is so keen on the horn craze. A fan was asked to leave a New York Yankees game this week for blaring a vuvuzela, and Wimbledon has issued reminders that the noisemakers won't be allowed for its tournament starting Monday.
Wow. The Marlins clearly have their finger on the pulse of what the American public will eat up. What's that? Oh that's right, there aren't any Americans in Miami. This could be their biggest promotion of the year.

Now please enjoy Dave Henson's The Vuvuzela song...

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