Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jason Heyward's Platinum Sombrero

Last summer when I was actually posting at Monkeys Throwing Darts, I became obsessed with the Golden Sombrero. For those not in the loop, a golden sombrero is awarded to a player who manages to strike out four times in a single game (real golden sombrero not included). It's quite the feat unless you're Ryan Howard or Mark Reynolds. Unfortunately, cycles and no-hitters are all the rage nowadays. Not for me, though. I will pour over the box scores to bring you the finest at swinging and missing.

Since we've opened, I couldn't wait for the first sombrero. Hall of Fame rookie, Jason Heyward, rewarded my patience tonight by blessing me with baseball's 54th platinum sombrero. You've earned a special place in my heart. That's right, Heyward struck out five (5) times against the Dodgers. Let's all join hands and see how he did it.

Top 1st: Heyward strikes out swinging against Clayton Kershaw. Russell Martin was checking out some girl in the second row and Heyward makes it to first on a passed ball.

Top 3rd: Heyward strikes out swinging again against Kershaw. This time, he's actually out.

Top 5th: Heyward strikes out looking against Kershaw, just to switch stuff up.

Top 7th: Heyward strikes out swinging against Kershaw for old time's sake.

Top 9th: Heyward strikes out swinging against Jonathan Broxton because, I assume, he heard I had a bad day. Thanks Jase.

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