Friday, June 4, 2010

Engel Beltre's Walk-Off Brawl

I might as well cover all of the weird walk-offs that happen around baseball. You might remember me from such classics as Kendry Morales' Walk-Off Gone Wrong or this one.

Engel Beltre was, once upon a time, one of the Rangers top prospects but his shininess has seemed to wear off over the years. He's still only 20-years-old so perhaps it's too early to totally give up on him. It's not like he's out there starting brawls. Err...

Beltre crushed a tenth inning walk-off homerun to give the Bakersville Blaze the win over the Oakland Gang Safety Zones San Jose Giants. While Beltre made his way to second, it appears as if he was shouting "mighty good game ol' chaps" to opposing team members. But after he rounded second, the other team seemed agitated. Does Beltre do an offensive British accent? By the time he rounds third, there is a full on brawl. It doesn't appear Beltre gets too involved though and eventually makes it to home and flips everybody off.

Check it out before MLB yanks all of these from the Web. Notice how Bakersfield's song after they win puts Sweet Caroline to shame.

Beltre claims he did nothing wrong. Yet he was given a five game suspension anyway. How interesting.

[vid via The Stew]

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