Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Tampa Bay Rays weren't around in 1992, so at first the headline "Vanilla Ice to Perform After Rays Game" confused me. Now I understand: Vanilla Ice is going to perform after a Rays-Indians game IN 2010.

July 9 is when the magic happens, and what a score for the city of Tampa. Vanilla Ice was just about to book a flight to Bangor, Maine to do a toothpaste commercial when he got the call.

I can already feel the excitement and the anticipation. My cat had the same feeling earlier today when he finally caught and ate that fire ant.

"The Indians are in town?! AND Vanilla Ice?! We have to drive to Tampa!"

- A guy in Little Rock, Arkansas planning his bachelor party

I have a handful of questions:

1. Isn't the goal of the Tampa Bay organization to try and get people to come to the games?
2. Was House of Pain not available?
3. Does he open or close with Ice Ice Baby, or will he open and close with it and have nothing in between?
4. Will there be Rob Van Winkle bobbleheads?
5. Who's throwing out the first pitch, a roadie from Limp Bizkit?
6. Do you think he'll play Juice to Get Loose Boy?
7. Was Brian Austin Green not available?

I already have my tickets for July 9, but to something completely different.


  1. As Brian Austin Green's agent, I can most certainly say he was not available. We've been in a bunker for months trying to figure out how he got Vanessa Marcil to sleep with him. I admit, I'm not as good an agent as Steve Sanders.

  2. Brian Austin GreenJune 16, 2010 at 1:15 PM

    Trust me, I'm available.