Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trembley Expected to be Asked to Please Leave is reporting the Orioles are close to firing manager Dave Trembley. After a 6-3 loss to the Yankees Thursday afternoon, Baltimore fell to a major league-worst 15-39.

Yes, worse than the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I think that should be how managers, at all levels, are evaluated this season.

"Well, John, the team has lost four in a row, and if you'll take a look at the standings you can see the Diamondbacks have only lost three in a row. I'm sorry, we have to let you go."

"Len, have a seat. Look, we've been evaluating your height, and you're two inches shorter than the Diamondbacks manager, so we have to make a change."

"Ron, I know the tee-ball team has had a rough stretch with Jimmy going on vacation, but I overheard two of the dads talking during last night's game and one of them said 'these guys look like the Diamondbacks.' We've found someone else interested in the position."

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