Sunday, June 6, 2010

Top 10 Names from the 1980s

The 80s were full of great baseball names. Here were the ten best.

10. Spike Owen. I've been going back and forth trying to figure out if this is a tough name or not.
9. Mookie Wilson. No list is complete without a Mookie.
8. Onix Concepcion. Though not related, he sounds like Dave's little brother that always wanted to play stick ball, but every game ended up the "automatic catcher"
7. Chet Lemon. 'Chet' isn't an acceptable name unless it's immediately followed by 'Lemon'.
6. Pascual Perez. I always wondered if his head was detachable.
5. Billy Jo Robidoux. Should've been the Ole Miss quarterback during a 4-7 season in 1992.
4. Tippy Martinez. If your friend has had way too much to drink, you can say he/she is 'Tippy Martinez'.
3. Fernando Valenzuela. He was a left-handed pitcher, but with this name he could've been anybody: heroic outlaw, sensitive lover on a low-rated Spanish soap opera, CEO of a company that makes rubber penguins, ice cream man.
2. Chili Davis. Would easily be the coolest dude in the room.....
1. Ozzie Virgil. .....unless this guy was there, too.

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  1. I was Tippy Martinez last night, and the four years prior to last night.