Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jim Joyce Is Famous

In a busy night for baseball, the most talked about story tomorrow will be a safe call made by veteran umpire Jim Joyce. The Tigers' Armando Galaragga was one out away from the third perfect game of the season when Jim Joyce blew a call at first base. Jason Donald hit a ball that Miguel Cabrera had to field forcing Galaragga to cover first, which he did in time. Joyce called Donald safe as Galaragga began to celebrate. As you can tell by my screen grab, he was out. Well, that's what you'd see if I managed to get the bag in the picture. You can also tell from my screen grab that I'm not very good at screen grabs. That's why I get the big bucks!

Galaragga retired the next batter to complete the one hitter and Joyce was mobbed by irate Tigers. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't real tigers. This story would be much better. Seconds later, Joyce's Wikipedia page was updated for accuracy.

Before this post gets any uglier with my fabulous HTML skills, I'll leave you with the video replay of the blown call. It should be available for about 30 more minutes before MLB shuts down the Internet.

Important Twitter Update: From @TomLeyden Jim Joyce was distraught. "Most important call of my career and I kicked the s$&t out of it. I cost that kid a perfect game."

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