Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tim Salmon Lets Celebrity Softball Fame Go to His Head

ANAHEIM - Before we get to the 81st ASG, I'm going to share a short story. MTD is a big Angels and Tim Salmon fan, and I promised I'd bring him something back from the Big A. Perhaps one of Vlad's dreadlocks, a picture of Mike Scioscia's giant head, or even Salmon if he wasn't too heavy. Sunday and Monday: no luck. But Tuesday afternoon I attended a pre-game party in the Stadium parking lot and like every attendee, received a free Angels' All-Star Game hat. I figured this was the best I was going to do for our pal MTD, until I saw Salmon walking through the gate and into the stadium. After an about-face on an escalator, which brought cries of "hey jerk, this thing is going UP," and "hey jerk, there's no smoking on the escalator," I caught up to Salmon.

Derwood: "Tim, can you sign this hat for a friend of mine? He's a big Angels fan and you're one of his favorite players. Plus, he needs something to keep company the tube sock he stole from Adam Kennedy in 2003."

Tim Salmon: "I'm talking to a friend of mine actually right now."

D: "Tim, can you just write 'To MTD,' and sign your name? It'll take four seconds. Three seconds if I hold the hat."

TS: (Gives a look to his friend as if to say, Does this guy know who I am? I'm Tim Salmon. I took Jennie Finch deep in the celebrity softball game Sunday and won MVP honors.) "I'm just signing my name."

D: "You can't just write the letters T, O, M, T and D and then sign your name?"

[Gives a disgusted look and signs hat. Walks away with friend to meet Gary Disarcina for a pre-game wine cooler. *Speculation*]

So MTD got his hat

and I found a new reason to hate the 2002 Angels.

7/14/10, 1:22 a.m.

MC Hammer also homered in the celebrity softball game.

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