Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Rooting For Mark Cuban

The Texas Rangers will go up for auction next week. Unfortunately, I have most of my imaginary $500 million tied up in some overseas investments. So I'm rooting for Mark Cuban to make MLB an offer they can't refuse. Although, I'm sure Bud Selig would still find a way to deny him and that's a pretty popular opinion. In fact, the guidelines for a Cuban rejection are already in place...
Major League Baseball will decide who can participate in the auction based on some strict guidelines - including a $1.5 million deposit and an opening bid of more than $500 million. And the league still can reject the highest bidder and select the runner-up.
And Professor Wayne McDonnell Jr. believes Selig and Co. will keep Cubes (I just assume we're close enough that I can call him that) out no matter what...
MLB wants the Chuck Greenberg-Nolan Ryan group "in the worst possible way'' because Ryan is not only a baseball legend but has been successful with his minor-league franchises, McDonnell said.

"Even if (Dallas Mavericks owner) Mark Cuban wanted to buy the Rangers, Major League Baseball would reject him because of who he is, even though he is brilliant and talented,'' McDonnell said. "MLB doesn't want someone who will rock the boat.''
Even though the Rangers share the AL West division with my beloved Halos, I'd love to see Mark Cuban get his hands on a Major League franchise. I think he'd be great for the game. I love the MLB but the boat could use a little rocking and it would be nice to get someone that doesn't mind speaking out against a league into the good ole boys network.

The old guard has to change at some point, right? The drafting process is obviously flawed and the All Star game has become a joke. Yep, I'm looking at you, Omar Infante. It took this half of a season of umpires apologizing for blown calls to get Bud to consider, maybe, sorta looking into expanding instant replay. I'm sure Cuban has some interesting thoughts about the state of the game and I'd like to see an owner rock the boat a little.

But Selig won't stand for it, not on his watch. It was clear last year when Cuban attempted to buy the Cubs that he wasn't welcome into Bud's exclusive ownership club. Just think about all the money you could collect from the fines, Bud. By all accounts, NBA players love playing for Cuban. And even if you disagree with his outbursts, everyone pays attention to them. He's a news maker and a needle mover. How is that bad for the game?

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