Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Mini Protest At The MLB HQ

I got tipped off this morning about an immigration group protest outside of the MLB Headquarters in New York that was scheduled for around lunchtime. As you (should) know, Arizona passed a highly controversial immigration law that will kick in later this month. I try not to comment on politics or religion because I'm trying to offend fewer people in my old age. Plus I don't believe in them. But when you start messing with Major League Baseball, you've drawn my ire.

Apparently, a memo circulated around the vicinity of the MLB Headquarters warning others of the protest. Why the MLB? Next year's All Star Game will take place in the Arizona Diamondacks' home field and people want the game moved out of Arizona. How will that help? I don't know but let's go to their flyer...
What: RALLY to move the 2011 MLB All-Star Game out of Arizona and protest Arizona's anti-immigrant laws

Date: Thursday July 8, 2010

Time: 12NOON (please arrive at 11:45am!)

Where: 245 Park Ave (MLB Headquarters)

Why: NO to Arizona's SB1070! Moving the 2011 All-Star game from Phoenix, AZ will send the message that baseball, the quintessential American sport, will not accept the un-American treatment of its players or its fans.
Yeah, good luck with that. The only thing that makes Bud Selig even think about changing his mind is a tied All Star Game or an umpire ruining a perfect game. But sure, punishing baseball fans in Arizona and the pocket books of the Diamondbacks would certainly... Wait, what? I don't exactly see how moving the All Star Game is going to persuade Arizona to revoke that law. It's not like Josh Byrnes and A.J. Hinch voted this law through. Or was that why they were fired?

Either way, the protest didn't quite live up to its 300+ people showing that the memo warned. My source said it was 75 to 100 tops. I believe it was because the lunch time protest wasn't catered with Yankee Stadium hot dogs.

Illegal is Not Legal? Yes sir, literally.

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