Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shot Of The Night

Shot Of The Night is Off Base Percentage's toast to a player who had an exceptionally good or bad night. There's always a reason to drink.

Tonight's shot of the night is Triple Ugly: 1/3 oz white tequila, 1/3 oz Jagermeister® herbal liqueur, 1/3 oz vodka. *shudders* Obviously, the shot is in honor of Bengie "Wheels" Molina.

Buster Posey who? Bengie Molina hit for the cycle tonight with a grand slam. That's right, Bengie Molina hit a triple tonight. It's actually the 6th of his career. Bengie Molina, known for his blistering speed, made it to third in a shade under 4 minutes after the Red Sox outfield spontaneously combusted. Or at least that's what I assume happened. Molina hit the slam and his triple in his final two at bats. He was pinch run for after the triple because his legs didn't make it past second base. I don't know what else to say. It's simply stunning. Bengie now has as many triples as Chone Figgins this season. On the Molina speed scale, I run a 4 which means I can see the finish line before I fall down and light a cigarette.

Honorable Mention: Barry Zito
From a former Giant to a current one. After a few ugly seasons in San Francisco following his monster deal, Zito almost got his ERA back under 4.00 last season. Tonight was Zito's best outing yet, tossing 8 innings of 2-hit, 10-strikeout ball. With the mediocre resurgence of Vernon Wells and Zito, Alfonso Soriano is now the proud owner of the worst contract in baseball.

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