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And Here Are Your 2010 All Star Game Payrolls

Off Base intern @Filosomesa recently wondered what the payrolls of the All Star teams would look like. I thought that was a great idea so I sent him over to Cot's Baseball Contracts to do all of the work for me. I'm very busy with all of my afternoon naps and whatnot. Don't worry though, we pay him handsomely in potato chips.

A few quick notes before we get to some numbers that are going to make me feel bad about myself. These are the salaries for the 2010 season, we rounded to the nearest $1,000 and there are no bonuses included. If any players would like to donate their All Star bonuses to our site, we'd appreciate it and we take personal checks and Paypal. Please hurry, I'm hungry. Okay, on to some gaudy numbers...

American League All StarsNational League All Stars
C Joe Mauer, MIN - $12,500,000C Yadier Molina, STL - $4,313,000
1B Miguel Cabrera, DET - $20,000,0001B Albert Pujols, STL - $16,000,000
2B Robinson Cano, NYY - $9,000,0002B Martin Prado, ATL - $440,000
3B Evan Longoria, TB - $950,0003B David Wright, NYM - $10,250,000
SS Derek Jeter, NYY - $21,000,000SS Hanley Ramirez, FL - $7,000,000
OF Josh Hamilton, TEX - $3,250,000OF Ryan Braun, MIL - $1,288,000
OF Ichiro, SEA - $17,000,000OF Corey Hart, MIL - $4,800,000
OF Carl Crawford, TB - $10,000,000OF Andre Ethier, LAD - $6,000,000
DH Vlad Guerrero, TEX - $5,500,000
Trevor Cahill, OAK - $410,000Jonathan Broxton, LAD - $4,000,000
Fausto Carmona, CLE - $4,900,000Chris Carpenter, STL - $14,500,000
Neftali Feliz, TEX - $402,000Matt Capps, WAS - $3,500,000
Phil Hughes, NYY - $447,000Yovani Gallardo, MIL - $7,500,000
Cliff Lee, TEX - $8,000,000Tim Lincecum, SF - $9,000,000
Jon Lester, BOS - $3,750,000Roy Halladay, PHI - $15,750,000
Andy Pettitte, NYY - $11,750,000Tim Hudson, ATL - $9,000,000
David Price, TB - $1,000,000Ubaldo Jimenez, COL - $1,250,000
CC Sabathia, NYY - $23,000,000Josh Johnson, FL - $3,750,000
Joakim Soria, KC - $7,500,000Evan Meek, PIT - $414,000
Matt Thornton, CWS - $2,250,000Arthur Rhodes, CIN $2,000,000
Jose Valverde, DET - $7,000,000Adam Wainwright, STL - $4,838,000
Jered Weaver, LAA - $4,265,000Brian Wilson, SF - $444,000
Hong Chi Kuo, LAD - $950,000
C John Buck, TOR - $2,000,000C Brian McCann, ATL - $5,667,000
1B Paul Knonerko, CWS - $12,000,0001B Ryan Howard, PHI - $19,000,000
2B Ian Kinsler, TEX - $4,000,0001B Joey Votto, CIN - $550,000
2B Ty Wiggington, BAL - $3,500,000INF Omar Infante, ATL - $2,225,000
SS Elvis Andrus, TEX - $418,000SS Rafael Furcal, LAD - $9,500,000
3B Adrian Beltre, BOS - $9,000,0002B Brandon Phillips, CIN - $6,938,000
3B Alex Rodriguez, NYY - $32,000,0003B Scott Rolen, CIN - $7,667,000
OF Jose Bautista, TOR - $2,400,000OF Michael Bourn, HOU - $2,400,000
OF Torii Hunter, LAA - $18,000,000OF Marlon Byrd, CHC - $3,000,000
OF Vernon Wells, TOR - $12,500,000OF Matt Holliday, STL - $17,000,000
DH David Ortiz, BOS - $12,500,000OF Chris Young, ARI - $3,450,000
OF Nick Swisher, NYY - $6,850,0001B Adrian Gonzalez, SD - $4,875,000

AL Starters TotalNL Starters Total
AL Starters AVGNL Starters AVG
AL Pitchers TotalNL Pitchers Total
AL Pitchers AVGNL Pitchers AVG
AL Reserves TotalNL Reserves Total
AL Reserves AVGNL Reserves AVG
AL TotalNL Toatal

Notes: It shouldn't comes as a surprise the the AL out monies the NL for the All Star rosters. The Yankees players ($81,047,000) make more than the NL's starting lineup. Somebody needs to check the basement in old Yankee Stadium, I'm certain they're printing money there. That can't be legal.

Joey Votto is going to clean up in arbitration this offseason. Arbitration season is my fourth favorite part of the baseball year. 1) Hot Stove 2) Fantasy Baseball Draft 3) Opening Day 4) Arbitration Season 5) Angels getting knocked out of the playoffs

Derek Jeter makes too much money.

I'm not very good with HTML.

Tampa Bay and Florida have to be ecstatic with the contracts of Evan Longoria and Hanley Ramirez.

Alright, I'm tired of this post.

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