Saturday, July 17, 2010

Important Seinfeld Syndication News

With the recent passing of Yankee Godfather George Steinbrenner, there have been plenty of tributes across the baseball community. My favorite starts Monday at 7 pm on TBS. TBS will run 10 episodes of Seinfeld (7 and 7:30 M-F) featuring Larry David's version of The Boss and, I assume, the cameo appearance from the real Steinbrenner. Monday's first episode will, of course, be the calzone episode. This post has actually inspired me to have a calzone for lunch.

I like mine with steak and banana peppers. I'm a big Seinfeld fan and loved the Steinbrenner stuff. So you can join me on Twitter for some of the episodes this week. In the meantime, I'm going to spoil a few shows with some of my other favorite clips. Starting with blog enemy/favorite Hideki Irabu and Frank Costanza's brilliant insight...

Fantastic. Frank Costanza had a better tirade though, when he unleashed on The Boss about the Jay Buhner trade. It's such a good clip but I feel bad about giving them clicks since they wouldn't let me embed it.

The Larry David Steinbrenner was so great you'd have to watch those episodes a couple of times to catch all the funny. The episode where he sings "Heartbreaker" is a good example.

Favorite lines: "Won't you paint my shoes for free" and (talking to grandchildren) "Anything? Shorty? Girl?"

Of course, the Billy Martin rant is one of my absolute favorites.

And George Steinbrenner's cameo on Seinfeld was excellent but I think Elaine stole the show when she summons her inner-Steinbrenner at the end of the clip.

In other news and because Steinbrenner was a charitable man, we have an opportunity to give back ourselves. Help us support our BBA brethren and help out a good cause. The Boss would be proud of you. Here's how you can help...

Pitch In For Baseball is delighted to have been selected to
participate in State Farm's 'Go To Bat' campaign. Now we need your

'Go To Bat' was launched nationally during the State Farm Home Run
Derby. 'Go To Bat' gives entrants a chance to win tickets to the
upcoming World Series and selected charity partners the chance to
receive significant financial support.

Here's how to play and how to help Pitch In For Baseball:

* Go to to register for your chance to
win World Series tickets.
* As you register, you will get a chance to designate a charity
that could win up to $25,000/week.
* To designate Pitch In For Baseball as your charity, select
PUBLIC GOOD as the charity category and then choose Pitch In For
Baseball from the drop down list.
* Revisit each day and play the 'Go To
Bat' online game to increase your chances for tickets and Pitch In For
Baseball's chance at financial support

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