Monday, July 12, 2010

All-Star Game Trivia

Derwood is headed to Anaheim with his Jorge Posada batting practice shirt and 17 pens. Stay with Offbase over the next three days for All-Star coverage from a career .180 hitter.

Quick trivia question for our Offbase readers:

What is the biggest attraction at the Anaheim Marriott?

A) Ernie Banks
B) Complimentary toothpaste at the front desk
C) Andouille Sausage Hash at Cafe de la Soul
D) Mickey Mouse statue

Answer: D

People can't get enough of this thing. Sunday I saw a line to take a picture with Mickey Mouse in an all-star game hat. Babies, grandfolks: everyone wanted a photo. Meanwhile, Ozzie Smith roams the lobby looking for a friend.

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