Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Strange Tale Of Jose Tabata's Wife

This story is so bizarre that I was pretty sure it was just another one of my "I ate Taco Bell too late" dreams. But nope, it's back in the news. Let's go to the scoop...
Amalia Tabata-Pereira, 44, pled guilty in Hillsborough Circuit Court on Wednesday on charges of kidnapping, interference with custody and impersonating a public officer.

In March of 2009, Tabata-Pereira posed as an immigration official and threatened a migrant worker and her boyfriend with deportation if they didn't give their baby girl to Pereira, prosecutors say. The mother complied, then contacted police six hours later to report a kidnapping. Tabata-Pereira is married to Pittsburg Pirates outfielder Jose Tabata.
Fake pregnancy, baby stealing, impersonating an immigration official, wife double the age of her husband. The only thing this story is missing is Maury and the lie detector test. There are so many details that I'm just dying to know. How did she fake the pregnancy all the way to birth? How did she pick the family to steal the baby from? On the 20-80 scouting scale, how'd she manage to score a 134 crazy? How does a 22-year-old baseball prospect meet and marry a 44-year-old certifiably insane lady? Did Tabata fall for this absurd ruse? Why isn't this a Lifetime movie? Why is Tabata hitting .259/.327/.360? Adam LaRoche?

All of this and more on the next All of My Pirates.

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