Thursday, July 29, 2010

Curveballs for Jobu

Curveballs for Jobu is Off Base Percentage's daily trip around the ballparks.

Today's honorary bat boy is Rich Aude. He's here because he wants to make a comeback with the Pirates.

Curveballs for Jobu thought ii was working the dinner shift tonight so I had to have a little talk with it. I'm still at the helm while Derwood is deep undercover trying to find A-Rod's power.

Phillies 7, Diamondbacks 1. Roy Halladay is really good. I'm not sure if you've noticed that but he is. Halladay threw another complete game and only gave up 1 run while striking out 9. In the year of terrible relief pitching, guys like Halladay and Cliff Lee are so much more valuable. Mega prospect Dom Brown debuted last night for the Phils and went 2-3. He smoked a double off the wall in his first major league at bat.

Pirates 6, Rockies 2. The Pirates won using the opposite-of-Halladay method, using 7 pitchers to complete their 10-hit, 2-run masterpiece. Garrett Jones showed up to play real baseball and went 4-4 with 2 home runs.

A's 3, Rangers 1. Trevor Cahill must have gotten my email and shut down the Rangers for 8 innings. My beloved Halos are only 8.5 back now. Plenty of time. Plenty of delusional time. Colby Lewis continues to pitch well throwing 7 innings of 5-hit, 1-run ball while striking out 8.

I hate to cut it short on you kids but I'm headed to the Zephyrs (missed Logan Morrison by a few days) game tonight and need to get the pre-game started.

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