Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Offbase Off the Field

Offbase Off the Field is our recap of two events which have nothing to do with what happened on the field.

Crazy Person Disqualified from Major League Baseball

We'll start tonight with the plight of Francisco Rodriguez, who beat up his father-in-law, tore a ligament in his thumb and went on the disabled list and recently was told his 2010 contract went from guaranteed to we're not paying you any money jerk, go away. K-Rod, which is a stupid nickname for a guy that throws 87 MP.H., will not be paid and not accrue any service time while on the disqualified list. It's kind of like my first job as a cashier at Wendy's: I worked two shifts, tore the skin off two of my fingers while drag bunting (I was safe at first, middle finger skin on left hand was out on a close play at home), quit my job and didn't receive any pay after that or accrue any fast food industry service time while I was unemployed.

Lee Escapes Chicago

The Chicago Cubs did Derrek Lee a huge favor Wednesday, trading the first baseman to Atlanta for three minor league pitchers, all of whom have in their contract that they have a guaranteed seven blown saves if they make Chicago's major league roster. The Braves also received "an undisclosed sum of cash" (Offbase inside source: $11). Lee will join Atlanta just in time to stay right where he is as the Braves head to Wrigley Field for a weekend set. To welcome Lee back to Chicago, Andrew Cashner has promised to give up a three-run home run.

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