Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anibal Sanchez's Golden Sombrero

A golden sombrero is awarded to a player who manages to strike out four times in a single game (real golden sombrero not included). It's quite the feat unless you're Ryan Howard or Mark Reynolds. Unfortunately, cycles and no-hitters are all the rage nowadays. Not for me, though. I will pour over the box scores to bring you the finest at swinging and missing.

I've become a little burnt out writing about Golden Sombreros since they come at such a fast and furious pace this summer. But a pitcher wearing the giant hat, that kind of rekindles my fire. I can't remember the last time a pitcher stuck around long enough to achieve 4 strikeout greatness nor do I care to look it up. Any help, Jayson Stark?

The Marlins' pitcher tossed a no-hitter on my birthday (9/6) in 2006 but has had a turbulent career since then. He had the daunting task of opposing the Phenom Stephen Strasburg in his much anticipated return from the disabled list. Strasburg wasn't sharp and Sanchez clearly won the strikeout duel. Anibal struck out 7 while adding his own 4 into the equation, nearly making my head explode.

Usually the pitcher isn't the star, so let's get to the special edition and see how Sanchez was involved in strike outs left and right...

Top 3rd: Sanchez struck out swinging against Stephen Strasburg. It only took Strasburg 3 pitches to strikeout Sanchez and then the next pitch was doubled to deep right by Hanley Ramirez. I know this post is supposed to be about Sanchez but I have Strasburg fever. I'm seeking a cure. I've heard more cowbell might help.

Top 4th: Sanchez struck out swinging against Strasburg again. It was also on another 3 straight pitches. Who's guessing Sanchez figures Strasburg out in his next at bat?

Top 5th: Sanchez struck out looking against Strasburg. He got the count to 2-1 before fouling off a ball and striking out looking. I think he walked back to the dugout feeling pretty good about himself. Sanchez did count for 3 of Strasburg's 4 strikeouts on the day.

Top 7th: Sanchez struck out looking against Craig Stammen.

That's a pretty good day in my book. It's rare to strike out that much on offense and defense.

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