Sunday, August 8, 2010

Curveballs for Jobu

Curveballs for Jobu is Offbasepercentage's daily trip around the ballparks.

Today's honorary bat boy is Luis Ordaz and he's here to tell you about the time he watched Mark McGwire hit 65 home runs in 1999 from his view on the bench.

Hey kids, I'm still in charge of Jobu this weekend but I'm going to try to get this out before 5 pm. I'm dedicated to my craft today. Hmm, now I want cheese, I'll be back around 4 pm.

Blue Jays 17, Rays 11. Remember when you had that bad day when you were choking on a pretzel and pooped yourself a little? Yeah, James Shields and Dale Thayer would have killed for that day yesterday. Shields went 4 innings and gave up 8 runs and 6 home runs. I didn't watch the game but I assume he sat on the plate and put the ball on his head. Thayer only gave up 1 home run but allowed 6 earned runs over his 2 marvelous innings. Jays' rookie catcher J.P. Arencibia smacked 2 home runs in his debut. Aaron Hill also hit 2 home runs and I'm guessing Joe Carter hit a couple of home runs too.

Angels 10, Tigers 1. Scott Kazmir returned from the DL from his case of "not a good pitcher anymore" and managed to not get lit up by Miguel Cabrera and the rest of the Tigers Triple A lineup. Alberto Callaspo hit cleanup for the Halos. No joke needed for that one, I guess. Angels rookie center fielder Peter Bourjos went 0-5 to get his batting average to match his slugging percentage at .105. I'm still investigating how the Angels scored 10 runs.

Mets 1, Phillies 0. Johan Santana and K-Rod combined for a 5-hit shutout of the Phils. This never would have happened if Chase Utley was healthy. Jeff Fancoeur hit a solo shot off of Cole Hamels to ruin Hamels' 7 inning, 11 strikeout day.

Brewers 5, Astros 2. I'm trying to decide which was more rare from this game. Rickie Weeks hitting an inside the park home run or a Trevor Hoffman led Brewers' bullpen throwing 2.1 innings of shut out ball? I'm leaning bullpen.

White Sox 4, Orioles 2. The O's were up in this game until Jason Berken relieved Kevin Millwood and gave up 2 runs on 4 hits to derail the Buck Showalter express. It was a devastating blow to the Orioles who are now 31 games out of a wild card birth. If the O's miss the playoffs now, I think we can all blame it solely on Jason Berken's performance from this game.

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