Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boyfriend of Offbase Staff Member Cleared to Begin Hitting

Phillies second baseman Chase Utley, long the love interest of our very own MTD, Wednesday was cleared to begin hitting. Utley, who has a .277/.383/.466 slash line in 316 plate appearances but hasn't played since June 28 because of a torn ligament in his right thumb, is hoping to return by the end of the month.

Here's a short conversation with Utley MTD had in his mind when he heard today's news.

MTD: "So, they cleared you to begin hitting? That means you could be back in a few weeks, right?!"

Utley in MTD's mind: "Sure did, fella. I should be back by September 1 at the latest, but like you said the other day, I go 4-for-4 every day in here.

MTD: "You sure do. Yesterday, you hit for the cycle twice. It was a 17-inning game. Sorry, you guys lost. Danys Baez really stinks."

UIMM: "Who? Well, anyway, I'm going to start doing that thing with my back leg we talked about."

MTD: "You had me at "stop stealing my eye black."

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  1. Listen he's been the second best player in the NL for years and the best second baseman but Ryan Howard gets more MVP votes and he can't win a friggin Gold Glove. It's okay Chase, you're with me now. At least until Mike Trout hits the bigs.