Thursday, August 26, 2010

Curveballs for Jobu

Curveballs for Jobu is Offbasepercentage's daily trip around the ballparks.

Today's honorary bat boy is Marty Clary.

Rockies 12, Braves 10
Reds 12, Giants 11 (12)

In Colorado, everything was coming up Rafael Belliard as the Braves led 10-1 in the fourth. It was 10-2 when Colorado scored three runs in both the fifth and sixth to cut it to 10-8. Kyle Farnsworth, auditioning for the Indians' 7th-inning role in 2011, was involved in the four-run meltdown in the eighth as Troy Tulowitzki singled in the go-ahead run to match the biggest come back in club history.

More horrifying pitching out in San Fran. The Reds also led 10-1 before the Giants clawed back with four runs in the fifth and sixth innings, then ordered the usual: a Juan Uribe three-run home run (known as the "No. 83" in San Francisco). 10-8. 76-year old Arthur Rhodes relieved and two singles, a double and a sac fly later, the Giants led 11-10. Cincy tied it in the ninth, then with Barry Zito pitching out of the bullpen in the 12th, Joey Votto singled in the go-ahead run to complete the UpBigDamnitWeStunkAndLostTheLeadButWaitWeTiedItAgainHeyThatGuySingledWeWon victory. Blog favorite Buster Posey: 0-for-6.

Royals 4, Tigers 3 (12). KC manager inserted Willie Bloomquist into the third spot in the order to attempt to spark the offense, which is like saying I added motor oil to my plate of spaghetti to give it more flavor. Yost also guaranteed reporters before the game that Bloomquist would get "a couple hits". Yost was right: Bloomquist DID get a couple of six plate appearances. But one of the hits was a go-ahead, solo home run in the 12th, so that should signal the beginning of NeddyYostSmartBall.

Cubs 4, Nationals 0. Mike Quade is 3-0 as interim manager and is the first Cubs' skipper to win his first three since Jim Riggleman went 4-0 in 1995. In a related story, Jim Riggleman's Washington Nationals fell to 53-74 with Wednesday's loss to Chicago.

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