Monday, September 24, 2012

President Obama, Homer

In between State dinners, policy signings and the occasional mud slinging that comes with campaigning for President, President Obama spoke at a Minor League stadium that plays home to a Washington Nationals affiliate. 

The President is just as well known as a White Sox fan as he is well known for being an incredibly polarizing political figure. But this is not a politics blog, so I'll keep the politicking to myself.

 "I want to congratulate the Washington Nationals for bringing playoff baseball to D.C.," Obama said. "You guys are looking good. I am looking forward to a White Sox Nationals World Series." (Linky link-a-thon)

Can't fault Mr. Obama for wanting to see his beloved White Sox in the World Series, well, actually I can considering the still employ one A.J. Pierzynski, but that's another bowl of Hatey Charms Captain Hate Count Hateo......Spahateios that I will probably at some point get into at an undisclosed time and place.

Ever since President Taft threw out a ceremonial first pitch on April 14th 1910, each President has followed suit. With our last President being a former big league club owner, and now Obama wearing his Pale Hose love on his sleeve, baseball is more woven into the national fabric than ever before. And Bud Selig couldn't be happier, as I'm sure he is eyeing up the tax breaks he could stumble upon after he retires. If he retires. He better retire.

I for one enjoy having a homer baseball fan as a President, it makes him more personable in my completely non partisan opinion. Of course, that is what a President is supposed to do. Damnit, I've been had again. What a cruel, cruel trick. I guess I'll just drown my sorrows by watching Honey Boo Boo while drinking a bottle of Vodka and playing "Name that Smell."

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