Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dallas Braden Yells At The Police Now

You may remember Dallas Braden from such 2010 classics as yelling "get off my mound" at Alex Rodriguez, this awesome t-shirt commemorating the event and somehow throwing a perfect game against the Rays. He pitched 18.0 innings in 2011 before losing the year to shoulder surgery. In March 2012, Braden had a little more surgery for a partial rotator cuff tear. Now that his left arm is held on with staples, duct tape and unicorn glue, we don't hear that much about Braden.

That was until he showed up for an anti-violence meeting in Stockton, California armed with a baseball bat and ready to yell at some local police. Apparently, there are better places to live in California than Stockton which is on a record setting murder rate pace. Braden claims his grandmother was recently robbed and he was nearly carjacked. Don't fear police-less citizens of *squints* post-apocalyptic Stockton, Braden and his bat Smashy are here for you (until he moves as soon as possible)...
"Arm yourself or get out. It's the Wild West. The Boys In Blue, they're outgunned," Braden told CBS Sacramento.


"My anger is for the fear of the community. We can't do anything," Braden said. "I walked in there with a bat. It starts there."
Ugh, this is going to be the worst superhero movie since Green Lantern. Braden got into a shouting match (hopefully in the same bloodcurdling tone when A-Rod jogged across his mound) with the police chief about the escalation in violent crimes, his walk rate and home run to fly ball ratio. Sorry, allegedly yelled about his BB/9 and HR/FB%.

While no winner of the shouting match was declared, it's safe to assume Braden injured his vocal chords and was placed on the community 15-day disabled list.

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