Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chipper Jones Makes Walk Off Home Runs Sexy

Freddie Freeman cemented himself a place in Atlanta Braves lore last night when he ensured that last years epic collapse would not happen again this year. A little fitting that it was he who grounded into the season ending double play last year, I'm a sucker for sentimentality. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, this is not about Freddie Freeman coming through in the clutch, this is not even about coming through in the clutch.

This is about how Chipper Jones, just by being in the vicinity of awesome, can make that much more great.

Let's take for example the Freeman home run from last night. Chipper was just minding his own business, hanging out at third, enjoying himself a chew, when, BAM! Magic happens in the form of a playoff spot clinching walk off home run.

Look at him, prepared for greatness just like a future first ballot Hall of Famer should be.

I now submit into evidence Exhibit B. The Braves were out of this game, it was done. But oh ho ho, somebody forgot about Mr. Chipper Jones. After plating two and with men on second and third, our hero strolled to the plate, hell bent on doing what it is that heroes do best.

Look at the perfect form. That swing says "Consider your soul crushed." Of course, there is the added bonus of it coming against Paplebon.

And now for Exhibit C. Waaaaaaaaay back in May (you know, before automobiles and such), Chipper began cultivating his 2012 legend. First there was the long drive down the line that even Carlton Fisk wouldn't have been able to wave fair. But that was no accident. This was an elaborate set up to prepare fans for the greatness to come.

The absolute best part about this walk off, the bat flip, quite possibly the best bat flip of the season, filled with tons of  "I am too awesome."

Chipper has been so awesome, that when MLB has a "Must C: Clips" involving Chipper, it says "Must C: Chipper." Does Chris Young have a "Must C: Chris?" Didn't think so. Chipper is retiring at the end of this season, even though his vesting option will surely vest. He's going out as a player who even at 40, can still put fear into a pitcher's heart. Quite the accomplishment. Thank you for being awesome Chipper, thank you.

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