Friday, September 28, 2012

Dan Haren Is Not a Fan of Leaks

Earlier this week Alden Gonzalez kicked up a bit of a dust storm when he answered a fan question in his blog here about the Angels and their preference to sign Zack Greinke rather than retain both Dan Haren and Ervin Santana. I'm guessing no one explained to Mr. Gonzalez how exactly the internet works because Haren has heard about it and is, well, not raving mad, but probably has an agitation level that is just a smidgen to high when he should be concentrating on a playoff push. It's bad enough that poor vagabond Danny has had to endure not only numerous appearance changes (like his failed Wolverine look) as well as his first appearance on the disabled list, but he is also in the midst of having his worst season statistically.

Per an unnamed source familiar to the Angels thinking, Alden was told:
he expects the Angels to cut ties with both Santana and Haren this offseason and focus their efforts on signing him to a multi-year extension. 
This would release the Angels from Paying Haren $15.5 Million next year, and Santana $13 Million. Quite the chunk of change, Especially if the Angels are serious about going after Greinke as well as tinkering with bullpen this offseason. Una Problema, Dan Haren doesn't do the whole stay quiet thing very well.
Whatever source familiar with the Angels’ thinking said it, I think it was probably dumb timing for them to say something. We have 10 days left, two weeks left. I think the last thing myself or Ervin are thinking about is our status for next year. We’re focused on the task at hand. I thought it was really stupid timing for something like that to come out. Via Hardball Talk
As the story states, this source is not necessarily a member of the organization, but Gonzalez should be a bit worried. As the teams beat writer for, this was probably a subject he should have steered clear of. At the same time, Danny boy wouldn't have to be concerned with this kind of reporting if he wasn't posting career worsts in WHIP, H/9, HR/9, tying his second worst K/9 and not breaking the 200 inning threshold for the first time since becoming a full time starter in 2005.  

Almost any team would jump at the opportunity to add a Dan Haren type pitcher to their rotation, but you'd have to believe that his back troubles this season and being 32 years old could scare a couple of teams away. Don't worry though Haren fans, I doubt he would be out of a job for very long, and you certainly wont find him digging for scraps of food out back of your local Souplantation.

I've never been a big fan of the TMZ style reporting, and Haren is probably defensive considering his vagabond past (he is now playing for his fourth team in 10 seasons), but he could look on the bright side of all this. Considering he has shown the ability to grow those impressive chops, he could easily be a quality backup should Hugh Jackman decide he doesn't want to be a part of Marvel's next X-Men movie.

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