Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sasquatch Jim Riggleman and Sparkles

At Offbase, we've had plenty of fun with Jim Riggleman in the past.
Once, I even yelled out my patented 'Stinkelman!' at a Nationals-Braves game.

Anyway, I sit down for an evening of Double-A baseball in Hoover, AL Saturday and who is managing the visiting Pensacola Blue Wahoos? Mr. Riggleman, of course.

"Jim! Can I get a picture? more?" was probably the strangest thing said at Regions Field Saturday. But when Jim Riggleman is 10 feet away coaching third base for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET THE STORY.

Sasquatch Riggleman
Born: June 9, 2012
190 pounds, seven ounces
Looks like: not sure yet

This is just our first, blurry sighting of Jim Riggleman this season, but if you spot him at some point, take a photograph and send it to either or

[Please indicate the location of your Riggleman sighting, and anything you may have shouted at him].

This isn't very ceremonial

It must've been a very special day in Hoover because every member of the Hoover Little League got to throw out a ceremonial pitch.

Nine youngsters (including Perry Pirates' second baseman Jack Ryers!) got to chuck a ball at some poor catcher before the game. Here’s a pitch-by-pitch breakdown:

Nathan Dies - inside corner, called strike
Conner Bailey - balked; low and outside
Luke Keaton - balked; ball outside
Alex Covert - high outside
Mitch Easterly - ball low and away
Jack Ryers - balked twice; strike, inside corner
Austin Bolton - eefis pitch low and outside
Austin Lilliard - high inside
37-year old Mack Daddy - low and outs.....wait, someone’s dad snuck on the field?

Yes! Mack Daddy was ALL of that and a salami sandwich, and after a couple arm-warm ups (probably one of the top-2,000 best arm-warm ups I've ever seen live) Mack was finally ready. Only problem: M-Dog threw it way too hard, bounced the pitch and it struck the unprotected catcher in the shin.

Play ball!


Sparkles told me she's "here every night", which explains the pajamas.

I wasn't sure if Sparkles was a clown, a pig-nose clown woman, or a mouse-clown baker of some kind. I settled for pig-nose clown woman, but before I could get her to verify, she had been taken in the wheelbarrow and carted off, out of view of the public.

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