Thursday, June 7, 2012

What Does Zack Greinke Have For Breakfast At Home?

Brewers ace Zack Greinke has some pretty interesting home/road splits since joining Milwaukee in 2011. He's literally unbeatable at his home Miller Park running his record to 15-0 after Wednesday's beatdown of the Cubs. Greinke pitched seven shutout innings allowing just two hits and two walks while striking out 12. He is a monster at home. You think pitcher wins are a silly stat? Fine, so do I. Let's look at the nerdy numbers.

In 2011, Greinke had 3.13 ERA, 2.65 FIP, 2.26 xFIP, 11.27 K/9 and a 5.41 K/BB ratio at home. On the road, he had a 4.70 ERA, 3.39 FIP, 2.95 xFIP, 9.63 K/9 and a 3.57 K/BB ratio. This season has been no different. Well, maybe a little more extreme. At home, he's posting a 1.08 ERA, 1.42 FIP, 2.03 xFIP, 11.23 K/9 and a 6.50 K/BB ratio. The road gets a 5.93 ERA, 2.53 FIP, 2.81 xFIP, 8.60 K/9, 2.90 K/BB ratio version of Greinke.

It's gotta be the home park, right? Nah. It's breakfast at home...
"You're comfortable at home. You wake up in your bed," he said. "You don't have to go anywhere to get your breakfast and coffee. Sometimes, in the hotels they have bad coffee or something, so you have to go do other stuff. Then you get to come to the field in your car (at home).

"Our clubhouse is nice. In some of those clubhouses you don't have space to get ready. Here, you have a routine that's easy to do. There's lots of space. That helps a lot in making you comfortable."
Which begs the most important question in all of baseball right now. What kind of breakfast does Zack Greinke eat at home? After some exhaustive research and almost catching diabetes from my computer screen, I've come up with the possibilities. I mean, it is Wisconsin after all.

1. Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict

Sliced doughnuts topped with brownie mix, melted Cadbury Creme Eggs and frosting, garnished with red sprinkles and served with fried pound cake chunks.

(submitted by Edgemere)

There is a 50-50 chance that Greinke wouldn't be able to pitch through the sugar induced coma. I'm not ruling it out though.

2. The Corndog-Egg

(submitted by KANNOLYA)

That thing has to be delicious. The egg protein offsets the fried cornbread making it a healthy breakfast treat. I'm a scientist in my free time. I bet Greinke has a carton of those before a home start. Or bushel or however they sell them.

3. The French Canadian

A poutine sandwich with french toast buns topped with maple syrup.

(Submitted by Jordan Elgie)

If I know my geography, Milwaukee is basically a province of Canada. So this mashup of breakfast and a Canadian classic might be whipped up in the Greinke household before he goes out and mows down hitters.

4. The Plowboy

Ham, scrambled eggs and onions over a bed of homefries topped with sausage gravy, bacon, cheddar and Jack cheese!

(submitted by Chris Mack via Ramona Cafe)

Zack-Attack? More like heart attack. Amirite? I can show myself out.

5. The Bacon Mug

A giant mug made out of bacon filled with cheddar cheese.

(submitted by K8)

Need something to get that awful taste of coffee out of your mouth? I submit the Bacon Mug which was almost certainly invented in Milwaukee.

Greinke will be a free agent after this season. If any of these breakfast solutions are the reason he pitches better at home, I suggest potential suitors check his cholesterol. He's a ticking time bomb.

[All images and descriptions and health concerns are provided by This Is Why You're Fat]

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