Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Month For Rex Brothers (Singular)

June has been a good one for Rex Brothers.

I was hoping for a very different Rex Brothers. Sadly, the Colorado reliever is just one player. When the 2009 MLB Rule 4 draft buzz about Rex Brothers was occurring, my first thought was there were Rex Brothers like the Upton brothers but twins. One lefty and one righty, naturally, but otherwise identical. Ideally, one of them would have been evil but that was more of a pipe dream.

It was set up perfectly, too. The Red Sox could have drafted Rick Rex (non-evil, lefty) with the 28th pick and the Yankees could have drafted Raul Brothers (evil, righty) with the next pick, 29th overall. The saga would continue on for years like Superman vs. Lex Luther or Batman vs. the Joker or horses vs. zebras or Me vs. sanity.

It was too good to be true. Rex Brothers is simply one left handed reliever selected by the Rockies in 2009 with the 34th overall pick in the sandwich round. Brothers pitched 40.2 innings in 2011 and 23.1 so far in 2012 with a career 13.22 K/9.

He's been better this June with 14 strikeouts against three walks in eight innings. Brothers has given up two hits and one run that came on a home run. Just 24-years-old, Brothers might have a closer role in his future. But he's only one man.

Other baseball brothers that are just one: Francis Brothers (CHW minors, 1946), John Brothers (CIN minors, 1990-1994) and Michael Brothers (2002, parts unknown).

Other brothers that should be just one: Wayans brothers (Damon), Baldwin brothers (Alec), Wright brothers (Orville) and the Ringling brothers (Otto).

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