Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why My Girlfriend Is Jealous Of Mike Trout

I recently wrote a post at Halo Hangout asking if the Mike Trout love has gone too far. My quick, and obvious, answer was "no." In fact, Trout probably ins't getting enough love. My girlfriend, on the other hand, disagrees.

According to her, a Yankees fan I might add, I write and talk about Trout too much. She's starting to get jealous. Of course, she has nothing to worry about as there are some pretty harsh words in the restraining orders his lawyers have sent me.

Okay, she might have a point. I did petition FanSided to change to Or, I'm willing to write nonprofit about him just to get the word out. You can kind of see her point now, right?

Well, whatever. Trout is doing some amazing things this season. After a brief and disappointing stint with the Angels in 2011, Trout is putting up MVP numbers despite missing the first month of the season crushing Triple-A pitchers. I've already dusted off the spot on his mantle where I think his AL Rookie of the Year trophy should go. I have a spot picked out for his MVP trophy too but the cops respond to alarms promptly in some areas of Orange County.

He's leading the American League in stolen bases with 19. Now qualified for the batting title, Trout is second in AVG (.337) behind Paul Konerko (.357), third in OBP (.397) trailing Konerko (.431) and Joe Mauer (.415) and third in fWAR (3.4) just tenths of points behind Josh Hamilton (3.6) and Adam Jones (3.5).

He currently leads baseball in prom invitations sent by me at six, sorry Chase. Mike Trout is on his way to multiple All Star Games, MVPs and might even drag the Angels and Albert Pujols to a few World Series titles. How can you not love a guy who might be the next Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays? Mike Trout is almost an urban legend at this point in his career.

Yeah, maybe I write or talk too much about Trout. She has a point. And boobs. I'll try to tame my enthusiasm for the kid.

(Just kidding, Mike)


  1. When is the wedding, and can you ask Mike if I can be a groomsmen? I'll bring Harper as my date.

  2. Mike Trout is playing for all the Mike Trout's out there who couldn't make it o the bigs! Go Mike ! (From Mike Trout 1949)

  3. Forget about Mike Trout, what's your girlfriends name that's what I think most of us are more concerned about and if she's now single...