Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Matt Kemp Is A Jerkface

I hate throwing around harsh language. I'm both a gentleman and a scholar (according to my mom) so only on the rare occasion would I stoop to calling someone that word. But Matt Kemp is , earmuffs kids, a jerkface. I said it. But why? Kemp, the NL Home Run Derby captain, will not pick Bryce Harper to participate in the event he was born to win...
"It's not because he's a rookie. It's just that there are other guys out there that are capable,'' Kemp told the newspaper. "I'm not saying he wouldn't do a good job in the Home Run Derby. He's going to have plenty of time to participate in many Home Run Derbies. Just not this year. Nothing against him. I love watching him play.''
I mean, really, who wants to see Harper in the Home Run Derby anyway? Oh, everybody who's heard of baseball? Okay, put your hands down.

Sure, Harper only has seven homers in 224 plate appearances (as a 19-year-old). And his 13.3 home run to fly ball ratio is behind Will Venable and Michael Saunders. But having Harper in the HRD is good for the sport and fans even if he doesn't make the All Star Game, which I believe he should. The hype, the ratings, the money... I'll be surprised if Bud Selig doesn't intervene and Harper magically winds up in the HRD.

Somebody close to Kemp should tell him to do the right thing and pick Harper. Does anyone have Rihanna's number? Those last two sentences are actually, completely unrelated.


  1. It's always the media pushing someone into the spotlight. I'm sick and tired of you guys telling us who we wan to see! Harper is a great prospect at this point, that's all. Matt Kemp is the captain and it seems to me that it is his choice. So, in my humble opinion, what goes around comes around, and you are the jerkface!

  2. Your mom is has tradition and history...19 year old rookies that have been "up" for 2 months don't deserve anything...earn it...see ya in a couple of years Bryce

  3. Sounds like someon's got a crush on Harper? He needs to earn being included in the HRD. Let's see if he does anything special in the next few years before appointing him the best thing since sliced bread! Sounds like some all redy have!

  4. Let's be clear here, I have a crush on Mike Trout. And yes, jerkface is on my business cards. Thirdly, don't talk about my mom like that.