Monday, March 30, 2020

Why Do I Have A Kris Bryant Ball?

The easy answer to every question in this series is that I had season tickets to the New Orleans Baby Cakes during their unremarkable three year run after a massive marketing makeover. And man, I had some sweet seats too, front row next to the visitor dugout. The Baby Cakes and the Zephyrs before them were the Triple A affiliate of the Florami Marlins and they didn't pump a lot of top prospects through Triple A. Now the team is off to Witchita and the Marlins are loaded with minor league talent. I'm only bitter this |               | much-ish. We'll get more into how bitter I am during the Isan Diaz post.

Anyway, before I had season tickets, seats were super cheap anyway and you could just hang out by the dugout before games to get autographs. The Iowa Cubs had come through the season before this ball was signed in 2014. Bryant was super friendly and signed a bunch of stuff then. This ball was signed on April 16, 2015. I wish I would have had him put the date on it.

Rumors would have it that Kris Bryant would finally be called up around that time due to the Cubs *allegedly* manipulating his service time. So Kris comes down the line signing away toward the dugout. I ask him if he's getting called up tomorrow. His response was "you guys know as much as I do." He hit one into the parking lot that night. He also got called up.

This is my "Kris Bryant lied to my face" autographed baseball.

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