Thursday, March 26, 2020

Scott Boras Has a Plan, So Do I

Yesterday the LA Times ran a piece where they interviewed Scott Boras about a plan that he has for the possible playing of this year’s baseball season because of course he has a plan. His two plans are for both a 162-game season that starts on June 1st, and a 144-game plan that starts on July 1st.

OK, but how.

Game 6th of the World Series is played on Christmas Day.

OK, calm down Scott.

I am not saying that I don’t want to see a full season of baseball, but there are some issues with this. Neutral World Series site is good, but the shortened offseason going into 2021 is not. Every player ever who has had a shortened training schedule going into Spring Training has always expressed how it negatively affects them.

And a neutral site works, but if the Dodgers play the Red Sox in the World Series, the Dodgers have a hell of a good argument for their stadium to be one of the sites because, well, Southern California weather. Thereby putting their opponent at a fan disadvantage if you will. (If the Astros make it to the World Series, neutral sites for everyone, or they play all of their games on the road.)

I think I have a better idea, and although it’s not my best idea (I have some thoughts rolling around about improving the game and, hoooo boy, they are some doozies), I think fans would enjoy it better than the possibility of sitting through the 161st game of the season being played in Minnesota. I like to call this the Ernie Banks Plan.
Season starts on June 1st

Really, let’s all be completely honest about this. If the season doesn’t start by June 1st it should either be scrapped, or MLB should really look at shortening the schedule for the total number of games that are being played this year. It sucks, I know, but it is what it is. Hey! At least it’s not a strike, right?

144-game schedule

At this point, a 162-game season is probably already out of the question. With the need for off days and the amount of time that gets taken up by the sheer number of games that would need to be played, a full season really is a pipe dream at this point. 144 games it is. And, why not? It’s 18 games. If you really need those extra 18 games, go play waffle ball with your kids or your neighbor who has been silently working on a secret pitch for the last five years. They’ll appreciate it.

Let’s play two

June 1st to October 15th is 136 days, we’re playing double headers every other day. There will be a few times throughout the season where there will be back to back days that a team plays, but the schedule will look more like a hockey or basketball schedule with consistent off days. It also puts the All-Star Break right around August 1st.

Teams can figure out the pitching, but with regular off days, most relievers won’t be throwing back to back days and it would be fun to see how creative managers  get with their staffs. Pitchers also won’t be throwing as many innings this season since the schedule for games will already be shorter.

Shorter Playoffs

I, for one, hate the Wild Card Game. I have never been a fan of it, and this gives me a chance to cut it out. So, in the immortal words of Hawk Harrelson, he gone. The Division Series is also gone this season. Sorry, second place teams, we don’t have time for it. Championship Series’ will be cut to five games instead of seven, and the World Series should be done by the first week of November, AKA, right on time.
No Idea is going to be perfect, but, seriously, does Scott Boras think that the World Series is going to be able to compete with cultish football fans? C’mon, Scott, think about it.


  1. Stop talking about my secret wiffle ball pitch on social media