Saturday, March 28, 2020

Baseball Watchlist Covered in Cheeto Dust

Thursday was supposed to be Opening Day, but it wasn’t, and that was heartbreaking. And then teams started airing past Opening Day games on TV, or streaming them on Twitter, so that was a nice little reprieve from the madness that has been no sports for the better part of a month. (Also, non-baseball related, I don’t know if other hockey teams are doing this, but the LA Kings social media team has been live streaming Kings games played on PS4 the last few days through a twitch account. Which is brilliant.)

But who wants to just sit there and watch a random Opening Day game where Mike Trout went 5-5 against the Yankees? I do. Or watch a replay of the Reds game where Jay Bruce homered the Reds into the playoffs? OK, me again. Or sit though a re-run of Clayton Kershaw’s 15 K no-hitter? Damnit. Again, I’m in. Obviously I’ll sit though any of these right now, and I imagine you would too, so here’s a few you should definitely watch.

Nolan Ryan’s 7th No-Hitter

Ryan was 44 when he threw his 7th no-hitter. I am 36 now and there are nights where I have to stretch before I get into bed and go to sleep. 


Nothing warms the heart like a good blooper video, or pulls at your nostalgia like one that was ripped straight from VHS to YouTube. Complete with an intro commercial from Blockbuster Video. 

Babe Ruth Videos

Seriously, just to watch him run and nothing else. 

Non-baseball watchlist

Tiger King because holy shit these people are nuts.

Vice’s Darkside of the Ring because holy shit these people are nuts and it’s getting sad.

How The Universe Works because I can’t sleep for shit, and as much as I like science, watching this helps me fall asleep. 

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