Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Joe West Being Ignored

In October last year, Joe West sued Paul Lo Duca for defamation when MLB and horse-racing analyst (actual thing) Lo Duca made a claim on a podcast that Joe West accepted a bribe from Billy Wagner in 2006 or 2007. The alleged bribery was that Wagner would loan West his 1957 Chevy, and in return, West would widen “open up the strike zone” for Wagner in a game against the Phillies.

As bribes go, it is definitely an interesting one. It ranks above parental bribes of offering cookies, candy or ice cream for literally five minutes of peace. But it doesn’t quite reach the level millionaire parents bribing colleges to get their kids into the best schools, or John Boehner handing out checks from tobacco companies in the House of Representatives. It’s a C+ bribe if I were going to give it a grade. You could have definitely done better, Billy. Your team deserved for you to do better.

Yesterday, The NY Post published an article stating the Cowboy Joe’s lawyer has now stated to the court that since neither Lo Duca nor his attorney filed a response by a deadline set for March 9th, that Lo Duca should be found liable by default. Which, OK, maybe, but as an avid follower of based ball, it is abundantly clear that ignoring Joe West is extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible. It would be hard to not commend Lo Duca for his ability to not acknowledge Joe West’s existence during all of this.

The voice we haven’t heard from throughout all of this, and a key witness, is Billy Wagner. What happened, Billy? What does the car look like, Billy? Does Joe West really smell like three-day old sauerkraut like I think he does, Billy?

These are the answers that we need in times like this. This is the progress we crave. Damnit, Mets fans deserve to win at least once. I would implore the judge to not go forward with this out of respect for the 17 Mets fans that are left who’s own self confidence depends on positive outcomes that they cannot control.

Think of the children, your honor.

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