Thursday, August 28, 2014

Survivor Dips Into the Baseball's Retirement Home Again

Survivor comes back on September 24th, and for the second time in the TV show's history, a former Major League baseball player will be on scene trying to win some serious dough and be crowned The Survivor.

Two years ago it was Jeff Kent who stomped around shirtless for a few weeks before being voted off the island. I can only imagine whether or not Barry Bonds had some input on that vote. This year, the former baseball player playing the part of former baseball player on Survivor is everyone's favorite racist/conservative, John Rocker.

And show host, Jeff Probst, thinks it is a great move to bring Rocker to the show:
"John Rocker is fascinating," the host said. "I love having John on the show. Separating everything you think about Rocker and his career and statements he's made, I like that a guy would come into this game, which is already challenging enough, and do it with the added baggage of being a professional athlete who's made a lot of money and been very famous and has made controversial statements. Those are big targets on his back, along with his 6 foot 5 frame, that you don't need in 'Survivor.'"
"He's a big-time athlete, he's probably made money, and he's made statements that offend people," Probst said. "That's the guy I want to saddle myself all the way to the end. And then who knows, John may stand up at the final Tribal Council and surprise you with a speech that makes you want to give him the money. You never know."
Oh, really? Let me direct you, Mr. Probst, to John Rocker's commentary on gun control.

This has all the makings of being a train wreck on a still somewhat popular TV show that is broadcasted nationally. We can all only hope that Rocker hasn't changed all that much and makes a giant ass out of himself while on national TV.

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