Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Golden Sombrero: Jarrod Saltalamacchia

The Miami Marlins flew into Anaheim last night to kick off a three game set with the Los Angeles Angels. On Garrett Richards Wade LeBlanc night last night, they kicked the shit out of the Angels, 7-1, dropping three runs in the third inning and another four in the fourth. Six of the runs were charged to Wade LeBlanc, a pitcher who the Angels should look into replacing as of last week.
In the middle of all of that fun for Miami, catcher, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, found time in his five at bats to make room on his hat rack for a new piece...a golden sombrero. Here's how his five at bats played out:

PA #1: Single - Jarrod's off to a good start with a base hit off of Wade LeBlanc, but everyone ended up knocking Wade around so it's not like he should add this little tidbit to the memoirs he may or may not be working on.

PA #2: Strikeout looking - Against Wade LeBlanc, on an 88 MPH fastball. This is just the first, so no worries for the longest last name in baseball at this point.

PA #3: Strikeout swinging - This time against Cory Rasmus, so not quite as embarrassing as striking out against Wade LeBlanc. But, Rasmus doesn't have the brightest future and was traded last year for Scott Downs. Do with this information as you like.

PA #4: Strikeout swinging - Back-to-back innings with swinging strikeouts against Rasmus. He is basically the bottom of the Angels bullpen barrel, so now might be a good time for Salty to start panicking.

PA #5: Strikeout swinging - This time it is against Fernando Salas, who isn't much of an upgrade over Rasmus. Salty may have known something was up because he saw seven pitches in this at bat and even worked the count full after falling behind 1-2. But, when a golden Sombrero is imminent, fighting it is futile. A valiant effort, Jarrod, but you were fighting against destiny.

Salty came into yesterday's game hitting just below his weight (.232 BA, 235 lbs.), so we shouldn't be too surprised with his inclusion into the Sombrero Hall of Shame. But, the Sombrero Hall is EOE (Equal Opportunity Enshrinement), so we welcome you, Jarrod. Make yourself at home.

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