Thursday, August 28, 2014

MLB Simply Couldn't Help Themselves, Could They

The Cubs have been steadily making the future right now by bringing up some of the best and brightest prospects (Except for Kris Bryant, who should totally be a regular in their everyday lineup. But I digress). A couple of weeks ago it was hard-swinging and hard-hitting Javier Baez. Yesterday, it was Jorge Soler.

What did Soler do with his first crack at Major League pitching? Oh, nothing. Just take Mat Latos deep.

Aside from taking Mat (will you please by a goddamn "T") Latos yard, it was a very good start to a big league career for Soler. He went 2-4, drove in a couple of runs, moonwalked on top of the dugout (still waiting for confirmation). Just a good day for the newest arrival to Chicago.

But then, MLB's social media crew and just had to get involved. First, on Twitter:

We get it, MLB, we get it. His name is "Soler," which kind-of-sort-of rhymes with "solar." But did they stop there? Of course they didn't.

That would be the top story on last night. 

Damnit, MLB. Damnit. And here I thought you guys were getting better at this stuff. 

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